Hungarian dessert somlói galuska

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Somlói galuska (or Hungarian trifle) is one of my favorite Hungarian dessert. It’s made with three types of sponge cake (simple, walnuts, cocoa) chocolate filling and whipped cream.

My version has less sugar and fat than the usual recipes, but it’s definitely the best I’ve ever tried! I think the other thing that makes it so good is the quality of the ingredients I use.


to 8-10 servings

for the 3 types of Sponge cake (simple, walnuts, cacao)
6 eggs separated (egg whites 190 g, egg yolks 110 g)
50 g cane sugar
65 g all-purpose flour
15 g ground walnuts
1 heaped tbsp sugar-free cocoa powder

vanilla cream
7 dl low-fat milk
5 egg yolks (about 100 g)
85 g cane sugar
3 vanilla bars (or 1-2 tbsp vanille extract or simplesmente use homemade vanilla sugar)
20 g all-purpoese flour or maize starch
zest of half untreated lemon

for the chocolate dressing
150 g dark chocolate (min. 60% cocoa solids) melted with 2 tbsp os cocoa butter
If you do not want that the chocolate dressing consolidated later, make another dressing. Melt some sugar in a little water and with some rum, and mix it with the melted chocolate.

2 handful of raisins (or dryed cranberries) soaked in rum (preferrence Havana Club)
3-4 dl of sugar-free whipped cream
sugar or other sweetening to taste


1 Soak the raisins in some rum.
2 For the sponge cake beat the egg whites to a meringue-like foam, then set aside. In a separate bowl mix the egg yolks with the cane sugar, and beat it until get a white cream, then carefully sieving and folding the flour with a flexible spatula. Gently mix the beated egg whites too in 3 partes in the egg yolks cream. The cream shoud be airy.
3 Divide in 3 parts the cream. In one of them mix the grounded walnuts, in the other mix the cocoa powder. The third one will be simple.
4 Preheat the owen to 175°C. Grease and line a large (35×38 cm) tin with baking papel. Pour into the pan next to each other in the three types of cream and smooth evenly.
In the middle degrre of the oven bake it during 20 minutes, thes set aside to cool.
5 To the vanilla cream heat the milk with the lemon zest and scrapped vanilla seeds and vanilla bars.
Beat the egg yolks with the cane sugar until white and creamly.
Mix it with a ladle of warm (but not hot!) milk, and with the frour, then mix it well. If you have overheated the milk, then set aside to cool a little bit.
Put this cream into the remaining milk, then heat in a medium fire. Stiring it until stickening.
When you're done, take out the vanilla bars, and set aside to cool.
6 Divide in 3 partes equal the colled sponjed cake. Lay one sheet of a bigger (21×21 cm is ok) heatproof bowl, then sprinkle wits some rum (from raising soaking), then spread it with half of the vanilla cream, half od raisins and ground walnuts. Cover it with the second sheet, and and repeat the previous filling; rum, vanilla cream, raisins and walnuts. Cover with the third sheet. Sprinkle it with a little bit of rum and with cocoa powder on the top.
Cover with cling film and place in the fridge for a few hours, but even better if you let it rest for at least overnight.
7 If you use only chocolate and cocoa butter to the chocolate dressing it is better to prepare in the microwave or melt it on the vapor before serving.
If you use the sugar-coated version, it can be preparated previously.
8 Beat well the whipped cream wits some of sweetening, to taste.
9 To serve the dessert, tear small noodles with two tablepsoons. Put them like heaps in a induvidual bowls, then pour some chocolate dressing and one-two taplespoons of whipped cream.

To decorate sprinkle the somlói galuska with cocoa powder or with crushed cocoa beans.

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